In 2013, a group of friends started a podcast. In 2016, they started another one. Wowee isn’t this group the best.

The Greetings From Team

Rebecca Fay (she/her) is a community strategist and writer from Arizona. A champion of walking simulators and weird indies (with a particular penchant for speedrunning), she primarily focuses on narrative and character design in video games with special interest in gender and sexuality politics, environmentalism, and accessibility. In her spare time, she is a proud antiquarian, seamstress, silversmith, milliner, and paladin (in Dungeons & Dragons, of course). Ask her about her video game boyfriends or maybe just follow her on Twitter.

Olivia Quinn (she/her) is a writer, streamer, and video creator who started her love affair with video games by playing her dad’s NES. She plays all kinds of games, but her standbys are collectible card games, shooters, and role-playing games. Olivia is also a queer, trans woman who has no patience for TERFs and jerks. Her D&D character of choice is a tiefling warlock— which is the best choice. Her addiction to amiibos and spreadsheet formulas is legendary. You can learn more about her latest fixation and say hi by following her on Twitter.

Tyler Smith (he/him) is a queer artist, writer, and game designer from Arizona who spends most of his time in air conditioning. While he enjoys playing both digital and tabletop games, he just won’t shut up about his favorite fantasy RPGs and horror games. Tyler is most curious about how game mechanics and environmental design interact with each other within video games. If Tyler played a D&D campaign that lasted more than two sessions he’d be a tiefling sorcerer. For good indie game suggestions and late night scary movies just follow him on twitter.

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