Greetings From 5: The Posties!

Stay awhile and listen to the Greetings From podcast. Listen to Rebecca Fay, Olivia Quinn and Tyler Smith talk about what they are playing, what is new in the world of video games, and how they are getting through every week.


Best Re-release

Best Art Direction

??????Mystery Category??????

  • Olivia: ?????????
  • Rebecca:?????????
  • Tyler:??????????

Best Performance

Best Dumpster

Best Indie

Honorable Mentions

  • Olivia: SpiderMan and Super Smash Brother Ultimate
  • Rebecca:Tetris Effect, Quarantine Circular, and Ashen
  • Tyler: Frostpunk, Moss. and Donut County

Best Ongoing Game

Most Replayable

Game Of The Year 2018

Best Score

Best Old Game

Best Narrative

Looking Forward to 2019

  • Olivia: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Animal Crossing. and Pokemon
  • Rebecca: Kingdom Hearts 3, Ooblets, Crackdown 3, and KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO: ACT V
  • Tyler: Anthem? Resident Evil; Sea of Solitude, The Sinking City
  • All of Us: Death Stranding
  • None of Us: Gears of War 5 and The Sonic Movie

Thanks for listening to us this year! We will see you again next year, 2019, with all the games releasing all at once.

Happy Holidays

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